Whether corporate event, private party or club setting:

Over the years, MARTIN MARZO has established himself a fixed spot on the shortlist of Berlin’s event locations; and it’s safe to say that leading event managers have his number on speed dial. Here’s an excerpt of his portfolio:

Corporate Events & Incentives

MARTIN MARZO’s main branch of business are representative company events such as the kick-off event for the Commerzbank, incentive parties for Scandinavian real estate companies in Scotland and Poland, or the Launch of large electronics retailers like Sonepar. The best of the best, also when it comes to B2B.

Galas & Award Shows

Thanks to MARTIN MARZO and his performance at the end-of-the-year meeting of AFA AG, we now know that the word “gala” is not necessarily a synonym for a buttoned up atmosphere. His music and outstanding performance continued beyond the award show into the amazing after-party.

Product Presentations & Corporate Events

Marketing with the help of music: MARTIN MARZO knows how to musically underline product presentations at high-profile events. Especially German car manufacturers book him to add some drive to the presentations of their newest models.

Bars & Clubs

Berlin’s legendary bar and club scene is where it all began. MARTIN MARZO has deejayed at infamous bars like Catwalk, 60Hertz and Heile Welt, as well as clubs such as Spindler & Klatt, Fritz Club, Felix, Weekend, Magdalena and Ritter Butzke. He still plays at some of these venues to this day.

Runway, Catwalk & Fashion Shows

While the models are walking down the runway, MARTIN MARZO’s live set is playing in the background.
Together with the designers, he created musical concepts for the grand opening of the Berlin Fashion Week and kept the good tunes coming all throughout the after show party.

VIP Events & Celebrity Specials

Whether it’s prominent politicians, business representatives, or A-list celebrities, MARTIN MARZO fits into any environment.
He proved this to be true when he played at Red Bull’s VIP golf tournament, where celebrities and opinion leaders of the international extreme sports scene all gathered on the green carpet.

Private & Christmas Parties

Whenever his full schedule enables him to do so, he also enjoys some diversion in the form of corporate Christmas parties, weddings, or other private events.

Weddings & Anniversaries

Tying the knot to the right beat. MARTIN MARZO is not your typical wedding DJ, but he might still be the right fit for your wedding. Go ahead and find out. The versatile party-DJ is open for inquiries of all sorts.

MARTIN MARZO - Event DJ aus Berlin MARTIN MARZO - Event DJ aus Berlin
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